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Solving challenges in business often requires the injection of a unique perspective. A perspective briming with the wisdom of greater experience and delivered with commanding authority that inspires the required changes and investment.

George Tinsley, Sr. brings his vast experience with owning and operating more than 60 major franchise operations to teams and entrepreneurs in organizations across the US.

Image of George Tinsley Speaking

Are you looking to start or expand a food franchise business?

George Tinsley Sr. is an experienced and inspiring public speaker who can show you how to turn obstacles into opportunities. He has achieved extraordinary success as the owner/operator of more than 60 franchises, the developer of KFC’s Minority Franchisee Program, and the one-time owner of the #1 TGI Fridays in the U.S. for nine consecutive years!

In his transformative sessions, George offers practical insights on how to enter airport concessions & succeed in other areas of food service businesses such as franchising & dining — all while learning from his own stories & experience helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. You’ll walk away empowered by his words and forever changed after hearing his advice on how to turn your obstacles into opportunities!

George Tinsley Sr. posed behind the bar of TGI Fridays.

Dynamic & Relevant Topics

George’s life experiences & business skills make him a perfect advisor on many subjects, and for many occassions.


How to Stay Positive in a Negative World


How to Find Yourself


How to Build Self-Esteem


How to Deal with Sudden Success


When to Give Up on a Dream


The Art of the Fresh Start


How to Deal with Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace


Why Most New Entrepreneurs Fail


Three Things I Learned from Colonel Sanders About Success Entrepreneurship


How to Continue After Heartbreak and Loss


How to Launch a New Career in Your 70s!


"I was impressed with his on-court talents as a basketball player, but I am even more impressed with his business skills. George has attained a level of success in the business world that I admire and respect."

Rick Barry

Basketball Hall of Famer

"Tinsley does a great job speaking from the hear, reliving his personal trials and tribulatiosn and how he confronted the challenges that ultimately made him a very successful athlete, entrepreneur, and leader."

John Tiliacos

Exec. VP of Airport Ops. & Customer Svc., Tampa Int'l Airport

"George Tinsley is one of the most inspiring and authentic speakers I have heard. He is commanding, energizing, and leaves the audience with clear examples and guidance on how to live your best life."

Jerome Hutchinson, Jr.

Founder & Chief Servant Officer, ICABA

"If you are interested in improving quality, delivering excellent service, and building a winning team, George Tinsley, Sr. needs to be in your board room, in your huddle, and in your educational institution."

James Amps III

President / CEO, AMPS International, LLC

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