``A motivational, inspirational and humbling presentation!``

When George W. Tinsley Sr. walks onto the platform, he’s usually introduced as simply “the speaker.”

That’s like introducing Charles Lindburgh as simply “a guy who flies an airplane.”

There’s so much more! Tinsley doesn’t merely speak to an audience; he initiates a discussion with them. A discussion that begins by planting a challenge in the minds of each audience member, and then continues long after they have left the auditorium.

Tinsley’s tales of successes in business and sports doesn’t merely point to the starting line; it provides an evolving map to guide each person on the road to success!


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Powerful Keynotes & Workshops

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7 Steps: Obstacles into Opportunities

We all face obstacles on the job and in our daily lives. But while most people let obstacles stand in their way and stop them from doing what they want to do, others turn those obstacles into opportunities to learn, grow and get better. In this quick-paced, eye-opening keynote, George Tinsley Sr. gives practical, down-to-earth strategies that will help you and those within your organization turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Winning in Sports and Business

What happens to all athletes when their careers are over and the final whistle blows? The paychecks stop coming in, but the bills don’t. Unfortunately, this often leads to stories of rags-to-riches-to-rags. George Tinsley, former All-American and three-time NCAA Division II champion, has successfully made the transition from being an award-winning athlete to an award-winning entrepreneur. In this hard-hitting, nuts-and-bolts session, Tinsley gives athletes the inside scoop and teaches them the secrets of how to successfully make the transition from sports to business.

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Anticipate, Adjust and Hustle

The best in business don’t achieve success by mistake. They achieve success by anticipating the needs in the marketplace, adjusting their strategies and outworking the competition. Drawing on the experience that has earned him three national championships in college and multiple awards in business, George Tinsley Sr. outlines the winning strategies that will help your organization stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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Achieving Big Dreams

It’s great to have big dreams, but it’s even better when you can turn those dreams into reality. Students of every age will be inspired and encouraged when they listen to George Tinsley Sr. share the story of how he has achieved his dreams despite the odds that were against him.



Enjoy a Few Quick Words from George W. Tinsley, Sr.


Speaker. Entrepreneur. Coach.

The summarization of George Tinsley, Sr.’s continued road to success could liken to that of a rags-to-riches story. But faith, tenacity, education and a white-heat desire to turn obstacles into opportunities are the true gifts that catapulted his life to where it is today… Read More



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